DIGITALAND Customer Service Policy

Payment Security Gateway

  • Web security is paramount to our business. All payment details are handled by our Credit Card Service Provider using the industry's best security standards.
  • Your name, personal information and credit card details will NEVER be stored on the Internet with our system. 
  • We also employ the latest technology on the site to protect you from unauthorized use of the information you are sending to the server.
  • For additional security protection, customers are required to submit the Verified Security Code for credit card payments.

Website Safety

  • We take the security issue very seriously. Our retail system is based on the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption standard. 
  • Provided you are using an SSL-compliant browser such as Netscape's Navigator or Microsoft's Internet Explorer, you'll be able to conduct end-to-end encrypted transactions without fear of an intermediary obtaining your credit card information.

Payment Fraud

  • Payment frauds and identity theft are serious concerns for a lot of shoppers, which is why our staff is well trained to identify fraudulent payments and suspicious orders so that your peace of mind is assured at all times.
  • We also take a very strong stance against those who attempt this crime with us. We will forward any evidence we have on fraudulent payments, etc. to relevant law enforcement organizations and have successfully prosecuted many fraudsters.

Return Policy

  • Please email us a request via Contact Us page so that we can have RMA instructions arranged for you, and provide you with a return address.
  • Items returned without a RMA form may be delayed or not processed. You will receive an email from our Customer Support Team.
  • Return Teams confirming the receipt of your item. After which, you will then be updated once our technician has inspected the product.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions 

  • Currencies Accepted We accept payment in the following currencies: Pound Sterling, Euro, US Dollars.
  • Payment accepted: Paypal (Paypal balance or Echeque or credit card), credit card payment
  • All PayPal payments must be made from a verified account with a confirmed shipping address. We understand that a confirmed address is not always possible; therefore we may accept payments with unverified addresses, depending on the outcome of our internal risk assessment.
  • By submitting a PayPal payment without a confirmed address, you agree to have a risk assessment carried out to evaluate the risk level involved. The procedures and standards of the scoring system cannot be disclosed.
  • DIGITALAND reserves the right to immediately refund/reject your PayPal payment if:
  • a)Your PayPal account is unverified
  • b)Your shipping address is unconfirmed AND your PayPal account is less than one month old AND your email address is not a business email address of a well known company
  • All other cases (such as unconfirmed addresses) will be assessed individually and a delay maybe caused due to a payment evaluation.
  • PayPal eCheques
  • If you have selected to make payment with a PayPal eCheque, we will hold your order until the whole payment has been cleared. The typical time for a PayPal eCheque to clear is between 7-9 working days.
  • Payment Reviews
  • From time to time, PayPal may decide to conduct a payment review. For security reasons, we will not process your order until the review has been completed and cleared of any possible risk.
  • You can avoid delays, by verifying your PayPal account and confirming your shipping address.
  • Please make sure you have the correct shipping address in PayPal, incomplete address will result in order process delays.

Updating Account Information

  • Please feel free to login to your MyDigitaland Account, and update any information when is needed.

Viewing Orders

  • You can always log in to your account on the DIGITALAND website and check your order status. Alternatively, you can also contact our customer services team using the details found on our Contact Us page.
  • Order status "Processing" means you order is accepted by our system and will be followed our delivery schedule.

Price Changing Policy

  • DIGITALAND product sales price based on below factors to change, and using mark-to-day approach to offer you competitive price, and give most benefit and attractive price to our buyer.
  • 1) Stock Buy In Cost 
  • 2) International Currency Exchange Rate 
  • 3) Shipping Cost. 
  • We change our price everyday based on International Exchange Rate.
  • We do not offer refund for the price difference after purchase due to this factor.

Cancel Order

  • DIGITALAND offer Cancel Order Request, within 12 Hours from the moment you make payment. After such peroid, order will be input to our shipping and purchase system, and No order can be cancel after that.
  • Cancel Order Request can be made in following exception case:
  • 1. We are fail to make delivery after 30 Working Days you make payment.
  • 2. Item is announced as recall by manufacturer.
  • Any cancellation requests failed to comply the above case, a 20% of administrative cost will be charged.
  • We reserve the rights to cancel any orders due to wrong pricing or out of stock items.

Cash Back and Promotion

  • DIGITALAND do not offer and do not take part in any Cash Back and Promotion program from Manufacturer. If you have enquiry about this, please kindly contact our customer service team for more details.